Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings for PC Cheats

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You are Lover of Age of Empires 2 games but you are in stuck in getting victory in mission, then use the below cheats and tips to getting lead in the game and increase the fun of the game.

By using these cheats we get a lot of coins and energy which is too much helpful for us. By activating these cheats we complete our all mission in very less time.

Remember one thing, all these cheats we personally tested, and all are working cheats are listed on this website.

How to use these cheats in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings?

There are a lot of cheats, we did not remember all these cheats. Simply bookmark this website and follow these steps:

  • Press ( CTRL + C ) for copy the code.
  • Simple Hit the Enter Box and Paste the by
  • Press ( CTRL + V ) for paste the code on the screen.
Age of Empires 2

The Complete Age of Empires 2 Cheats List:

10,000 wood  lumberjack
10,000 foodcheese steak jimmy's
10,000 gold robin hood
10,000 stonerock on
100,000 of all resourcesninjalui
Commit suicidewimpywimpywimpy
Control animals instead of mennatural wonders
Slay Opponent 3torpedo3
Slay Opponent 2torpedo2
Slay Opponent 1torpedo1
Slay select opponenttorpedo
Slay all opponentsblack death
Shelby AC Cobrahow do you turn this on
Saboteur unitto smithereens
Lose campaignresign
Win campaigni r winner
Instant buildingaegis
Disable Fog of Warpolo
Full mapmarco
Useless villageri love the monkey head
Little Monkeyfurious the monkey boy
Flying Dogwoof woof
Alfred the Alpacaalpaca simulator
Slay Opponent 8torpedo8
Slay Opponent 7torpedo7
Slay Opponent 4torpedo6
Slay Opponent 5torpedo5
Slay Opponent 6torpedo4
You lose the gameresign

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